Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Human Rights are respected

Who We Are

Alrassed International was established in 2013. Registered on April 2016 as a charity according to the laws of charitable organisations and institutions in England and Wales under N0. 1166692, and since its founding date its primary mission has been to spread awareness and responsiveness of human rights culture and enhance its dignity throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

We use our freedoms to help those who have nothing, and have no ability to confront violations, by highlighting violations of human rights and freedoms. Dealing in particular with violations affecting women and children.

Etbiga & Dr Najat Al-shadhir

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Support and engage in fundraising activities and events.


— We Build Networks

Cooperate with national and international organisations and bodies concerned with human rights, in a way that contributes to achieving the goals of Alrassed International and developing its relations with it.


— We Strengthen

Encourage, assist, support and protect local community-based human rights bodies and individual activists.


— We Educate

Work to spread the culture of public freedoms and human rights and raise awareness of them, with the assistance of civil rights bodies, institutions and bodies concerned with education, education, information and education.


— We Provide Care

Challenge before the judiciary courts any law, legislation, or decision that includes a violation of public freedoms or human rights, as well as work with the legislative authority to avoid the issuance of any legislation that violates human rights and publish reports of what it is doing in this regard.


— We Consult

Contribute to opinion in preparing reports that the state is obliged to submit periodically to human rights committees and bodies, in implementation of international agreements, and in responding to queries from these authorities in this regard.

Impact Stories

Saad Abdul-Hafeez - Displaced citizen from Tawergha, Libya.

During my stay in the camp of Sidi-Faraj in Benghazi, Alrassed has been assiting my case and calling the authorities to provide me with the nessaccery aid for my disability. 


Alsalam Charity

Alrassed has been an extraordinary partner and supporter of our activities especially in raising awareness on the refugee and displaced people.