National Reconcilation Conference in Libya

In effort to open dialogue between key Libyan figures within Britain, Alrassed International will be holding a conference on the 20th May. Read More

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The suffering road of Tawergha City wrote the saddest stories of how to feel homeless at home, for crimes they never committed.

Iraq: IDP in Baghdad

Alrassed International’s representative in Iraq, Mrs Oras Al-Ani visited Al Amal Al Manshood Camp in Dora, Baghdad.

Alrassed Condemns the Kidnapping of Libyan Journalists

Alrassed published its statement on the 8th of November 2016, expressing its deepest concerns that are clouded by the statistics that show the growing numbers of violations against the choices and rights of journalists.

The Migrant Crisis

In the wake of all the unrest faced by those within Libya, the migrant crisis continues to be an international problem.

Human rights defenders in Libya in the range of Fire

The civilian activists and human rights defenders, journalists and media workers in Libya, are at risk because of their political positions, their defence of human rights and the gathering of evidence of violations

Their SEA

Highlighting the highs and lows of their journeys. There’s a crudeness to the maps that encapsulates the desperation of being forced to make these undertakings in overfilled, leaking dinghies; living off the grid and outside the law.


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