Inspiring and engaging international women

Alrassed International will be hosting an event on May 20th. The focus of this is to inspire and engage international women living in the North East, and from across the United Kingdom. Drawing from students, teachers, authors, journalists, as well as representatives from NGO’s; and of course the wider public who are interested. The aim of the event is to engage with and encourage women from varying backgrounds to overcome language and cultural barriers. We’d like to assist women in becoming involved in different social sectors and help with employment opportunities; helping women become self-sufficient and gain economic independence.

A combination of students on international scholarships and refugees has seen a large number of foreign born families and individuals relocate to the North East. In some cases, men and children are able to integrate more readily that women. With children being placed into the UK education system, they’re able to make friends, and get the hang of a brand new language as they mix with their peers. Meanwhile men represent a large proportion of the student and working population. Similarly mixing with those around them. While many women are also part of this, they are often less well represented in the areas of study and employment; making it more difficult to engage and develop within what is often a vastly different society and culture. Alrassed International would like to help those who feel that they need help.

We will focus on women living in the North East, and have planned a series of language courses in both English and Arabic. And will use women who they themselves have overcome cultural and language barriers. We plan to do this in conjunction with Newcastle’s West End Women and Girls Centres, and wish to provide interpreting and guiding facilities, hopefully leading to the empowerment of international women.

The ultimate goal: the allow women to fully integrate in terms of language and culture. Helping them find employment and take the fear out of what may be an alien society; regardless of race, religion, or background.

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