Libyan National Reconciliation Conference (NRCLibya)

In effort to open dialogue between key Libyan figures within Britain, Alrassed International will be holding a conference on the 20th May. The aim of which to bring together those who may be able to begin to effect a change in the current situation in Libya. As political infighting hampers progress towards any form of solidarity, there is a need to initiate talks between different parties. The main aim: How can Libyans in Britain assist movements towards national reconciliation within Libya? This before being put towards a wider audience involving international organisations in June.

We aim to bring together representatives from all sectors of Libyan society: academic, political, religious, and youth organisations. From there we intend to allow a forum from which opinions can be shared; working towards a constructive settlement of how a peaceful settlement may be initiated within Libya. The following conference will seek to build on the first, drawing in more individuals from an international footing and allow a greater input.

The main factors faced are the divided nature of the Libyan people. As civil war continues to polarise the nation, those who live and operate outside of Libya often still possess strong affiliations with groups and organisations within Libya. Many have legitimate grievances from past events and those that continue to this day. Before positive steps can be taken, some form of trust must be rebuilt between the peoples of Libya. This can only be achieved through open discussion.

We seek to enable an unbiased peace process that will lead to bringing to Libya’s people.  What is needed is a form of unifying factor that might allow all groups within Libya to work towards a common goal; ultimately, reconciliation. Without this further fighting seem inevitable, and the voices of the people will continue to be silenced with strong-arm approaches.

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